Software of the year, 2008

Yeah, I know it’s kinda late for a post like this.

The award for oh-god-this-is-what-sharepoint-should-be: Dropbox. Also,, but dropbox has the backup problem solved, too.

The does-anyone-remember-just-how-buggy-browsers-used-to-be award: Chrome (note that Firefox is bad – just that Chrome is so amazingly good for a first release)

The year-of-linux-on-the-desktop-yes-really-this-time-well-maybe-anyway-award : Ubuntu 8.10 (it’s not perfect, but installs well, doesn’t crash, and doesn’t annoy me as much as Vista)

The this-search-shit-is-easy-anyway: Apache Solr (Solr is the first development tool where I’ve ever felt any reluctance in sharing around. It’s so good it sometimes seems to be a magic bullet)

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