Sleep.. glorious sleep

Our boy Alex is 21 months old now. During the first 20 months of his life he sleep though 10 times, and we were often up for a couple of hours during the night and/or had to get up well before 6:00am. That was pretty tough, but then he learnt how to climb out of cot.. We had to buy him a bed and suddenly it was taking 2 hours to get him to sleep, and he was still waking up a couple of hours later.

After a week or two of that I gave in and agreed to see the sleep doctor. To my absolute and utter astonishment Alex is now going to sleep without crying and sleeps though the night at least 2 out of ever 3 nights. Even better – when he does wake up he goes back to bed himself.

So.. if there are others of you suffering though this.. there is hope!

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