Shipping software

Custom vertical social network, with feed integration (kind of like the Facebook activity stream, but driven by RSS), communities and single-sign on across a number of other applications.

Open Social support coming soon. I should do a post on how the open source implementation of that works. For the time being, though, this is all the code you need to show a Google Gadget into your app:

<c:import url=”/ifr”>
<c:param name=”url”></c:param>

3 thoughts on “Shipping software

  1. Nick you are such a tease!!
    Make sure you put a ‘hello world’ example on your page and let us know.
    Im itching to paste the code above but I dont know where…

  2. Very nice looking site and interesting feature set. Can you tell us a bit about the tech behind it? Is it, or will it someday be open source? – Dave

  3. @Mike: I said coming soon!!!! probably not going to be until February – which is why this is on my blog, not my work blog…

    @Dave: Java (of course), Spring, CAS for SSO, ROME (of course), Postgres backend. I’ll hopefully do a more detailed post sometime. We’re aiming to integrate SlynkR and a blogging tool (any opinion about what I should use there? ;-)

    It’s not open source ATM, but open sourcing it isn’t out of the question.

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