Random stuff

It’s Friday afternoon, so here’s some random stuff:

  • We live across the road from a park, and most Saturday mornings some guy rides his bike there to do Yoga. He also brings his pet chicken to the park and lets it run around. (This might be normal behavior in San Fransisco or somewhere, but in suburban Adelaide it is kinda odd)
  • Alex is now 2, and doesn’t like sleeping at childcare. Fortunately, they have figured out that letting him sleep with a ladder (yes, a full size, aluminum ladder) will calm him down and get him to sleep.
  • Paul Keating – no matter if you loved him or hated him – had a unique way with words. From yesterday’s Financial Review: “When push came to shove, McGuiness’s journalism did not add up to a row of beans. He help more political, philosophic and economic positions than would have the Karma Sutra had it been a philosophic text“.
  • If you don’t program, and you write about the meaning of programming APIs then your opinion is moot. This also applies if you try and talk about APIs
  • The Moth is a cool boat, but has come a long way since my circa-1970 tunnel hulled version. It’s kind of weird that they banned tunnel hulls, but freaking hydrofoils are okay…

3 thoughts on “Random stuff

  1. There seems no recent activities on the Rome project.
    Is it still on going? We are looking for an open source
    framework for fetching RSS/Atom feeds. Rome seems a
    perfect fit.

  2. ROME is going fine – it’s basically pretty much stable, so there isn’t the need for huge amounts of activity.

    It works pretty well, and it widely deployed “in the wild”.

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