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Inspired by Pete Warden, I’m going to try & do 5 quick links on a semi-periodic basis.

Traveling to Hong Kong, I expected to see a mixed audience, half composed of my typical enterprise audience and the other half composed of web scale companies, cloud service providers, and growing end user organizations. According to this expectation, I assumed to see a polarized audience of COTS software adopters and risk adverse large companies side by side with DIY believers and reckless organizations. It was not the case. What I saw is just the latter category, a world where VMware and many other mainstream vendors don’t have a place.

In further interactions with many people on site, my feeling grew significantly. I talked to organizations that show an attitude to risk more common in early stages startups than massive enterprises. These companies look at massive post-IPO web-scale firms like Google, Facebook, Netflix, and how they are rejecting packaged software in an unprecedented way and how they are building entirely homegrown computing stacks to become more efficient, more scalable, more competitive.

Yep. Software eats the world – including “Enterprise IT”

  • Reasonator: Wikidata, rendered nicely. See the Cambridge example. Slowly (SLOWLY!) the semanic web is becoming something. I’d hesitate to say useful, but it possibly isn’t the waste of time and resources it was 5 years ago.



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