5 Quick Links

Am I being stupid for getting sucked into the RDF wormhole? It’s almost a parallel universe, but is directly relevant both for work and a private project I’m working on. <Sigh>

  • TDB Java API – because the old version of the Jena datastore that ran on a database is now only in maintenance mode.
  • Comparison of Triple Stores [PDF] – a pretty decent comparison. This is telling regarding inference: All the off the shelf reasoners available expect the data to be cached in-memory to perform the reasoning
  • http://decaf.berkeleyvision.org/ – image recognition using deep learning. Pretty impressive. Code is open for non-commercial use. Deep Learning algorithms running on GPUs seem to have been a real breakthough. http://deeplearning.net/tutorial/lenet.html#running-the-code shows benchmarks for the same algorithm on an i7  (380.28m) vs a GeForce GTX 480 (32.52m).
  • Skydb - Sky is an open source database used for flexible, high performance analysis of behavioral data. For certain kinds of data such as clickstream data and log data, it can be several orders of magnitude faster than traditional approaches such as SQL databases or Hadoop.
  • http://build.porteus.org/ – custom build Linux distro, then download it.

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