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For the last I’ve been doing webdesign (yeah, that actual visual UI stuff, not just AJAX or something) at work, and – remakably – for the first time since 1997 (yes – 1997!) I’ve enjoyed it.

Generally speaking my design tastes are different – or perhaps I could better say they reflect my unique sense of humour. For example, the orginal – and best – design for nicklothian.com featured a colour scheme generated from converting universal constants (the speed of light, e, etc etc to hex values). It was unique, and is still yet to be duplicated (!!).

But doing serious webdesign led me to dig out an old, old review for the first website I ever built and maintained. This, was when the web was young, CSS didn’t really work, Netscape 4 (!) was my browser of choice and I think I was running a pre-Slackware 1.0 Linux install, which I’d downloaded onto 12 floppies.

Website review, 1997 (actually, the article is from the May 1998 edition of Adelaide Review but I did the site in ’97)


Website review
Website review